Essentially it is All Forms of Life that Creates my Urge for More Creativity and Opportunity
Chicago Lifestyle Photographer Ray Vior

Ray Vior is a fine Lifestyle Photographer living and working in surrounding areas of Chicago. Having pursued photography in the music industry as an early point of her photography years, she now seeks diverse practices to impact her approach to photography. While offering a wide diversity of portraits, portfolios, photojournalism, fashion, product, & advertising services. Her experience lies in ten years of Digital Photography, Digital Manipulation, Hi-def Retouching, and five years of knowledge in Managing Web Content.  

When speaking about the quality of a photographer’s work, their originality is enriched by his/her skill and influence in their life. Her sense of direction is concentrated on the mood & perspective of her subject. She centers on constantly surfacing new techniques mixed within her style of work. She habits patience, a sense of color tuning, structure in detail, & looking further than the apparent in the photography industry.


Identify my passion for photography by the existence of the reality that we all live in. Essentially it is all forms of life that creates my urge for more creativity and opportunity.


To any artist who thrives for achievement & awareness, my advice to you is to follow your instincts and nurture your talents to the best of your ability. Never practice being perfect, because that is a lie. Instead, practice becoming better.